QuickBooks POS by Revel

QuickBooks POS by Revel

Retail-focused accountants can rest easy after hearing the new announcement from partners Revel Systems and Intuit. The two major players in the POS world have teamed up to create a new product called QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems. This new solution simplifies the connection between users and their data to create a seamless point of sale ecosystem. Data automatically syncs from the system into QuickBooks Online to help users stay organized, track details, and manage efficiently

run your entire shop

Ring in sales and accept credit cards. Manage vendors and inventory. Build customer relationships. Automate your banking and market your business.

anywhre, anytime access

Back office activities no longer need to be performed in-store. Use our online web dashboard to view and check reports on your sales, inventory and staffing hours.

always on mode

If all else fails, our Always On Mode allows you to continue to take credit card payments so that you don't lose a sale1.

growing with you

We will configure your system with the categories you define that are unique to your business need.

Inventory management made easy

Now you can manage extensive inventory and access all your items from one easy screen with the QuickBooks Revel POS Matrix Inventory feature. This allows you to save time by avoiding manual counting of items and helps lower costs by alerting you when it is time to restock and by how much. Because everything is cloud based, there is no need to be in the store to make changes, update inventory or run reports. Just log in to the back end user interface from any internet connected device and go!

Sell what your customers want with no more guessing

Easily keep track of detailed customer information and and what you customers favorite products and services with the built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) management console. The QuickBooks Revel CRM uses advanced technology to organize and synchronize customer information with their buying behavior so as a business owner, you can analyze each customer’s order history and better tailor your key products, sales, and offerings based on what your customers actually want.

Never miss a sale with the always on feature

Now you can continue to process payments and orders during even when the internet slows down or there is a complete outage. The QuickBooks Revel Point of Sale hybrid architecture enables your iPad POS to run on a local network completely uninterrupted by network issues. Once your system comes back on line, data will automatically re-sync with the cloud. This “offline mode” feature is unique to Revel and works so seamlessly, you may not even know that your internet was even down.

End-to-end encrypted payment security

Every time a credit card is swiped through a QuickBooks Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale, information is encrypted ensuring card data won’t be intercepted or stolen. Because the data is encrypted immediately, you can rest assured that your customers data is safe against standard hacking and fraud techniques. Additionally, all QuickBooks Revel card readers come fully encrypted with a AES 256 payment encryption key and the system meets the most current PCI DDS 3.0 requirements.

Total integration with your QuickBooks accounting software

Using QuickBooks’ Revel powered POS allows you to leverage QuickBooks integration to improve business efficiency and once and for all eliminate having to manually enter sales information at the end of the day. Because your data is automatically synced from the QuickBooks Point of Sale to your QuickBooks Online Accounting software at the beginning of every day, you always get the most current view of your business stats in addition to saving time, effort and eliminating costly errors.